How to choose the right tile for a bathroom

Today, the market offers diverse types of tiles for bathrooms and this to some extent disorients consumers. When making your choice, you need to take into account factors such as cost, design, surface type and materials used for the manufacture of tiles. All these data need to be known, since the quality of the repair depends on it.

Many people like small tiles (mosaic) for walls in a bath. Usually it is matte or glossy and guarantees a beautiful view in the room. On the floors you can use mosaic, porcelain tiles or marble. All these three types provide good clutch of wet legs with floor .

In general, there are thousands of models of a bathroom tile that you can use to repair this very important area in your house. You can choose your favorite and pleasant colors to feel comfortable in this room.

And even when many designers claim that there are strict criteria for tile colors for modern bathrooms, it all depends mainly on your taste. On the market you will find many interesting ideas, such as elegant black tiles, tiles from the collection of Louise Keram Marazzi, pink, lilac, motives of sunny flowers and much more of anything else.

It’s good when the color of the tile is in harmony with the rest of the furniture in the bathroom. If you choose a classic beige, for example, it will be in harmony with almost any environment – cabinets, bathroom and so on. To get the most accurate idea of ​​how one or another tile looks, you can visit the exhibition hall, where various interior designs are presented.