Characteristics and use of polycarbonate

There are many options for using such a material as polycarbonate. It can be a cellular or monolithic. This material is especially useful if it is necessary to build a translucent structure, which will also have significant loads, because polycarbonate is quite durable.

One of the advantages of polycarbonate is that it can be mounted very quickly and without any significant difficulties. Usually the owner himself can do all the necessary work, not particularly straining for this. In many ways, it is for this reason that polycarbonate in Minsk is so popular today.

The scope of polycarbonate is very wide. For example, translucent structures are compiled from it to protect the balcony. Transparent roofs from this material also look very interesting. Very high -quality windproof barriers are obtained from it. Polycarbonate is finished facades.

There are two polycarbonate options: monolithic and cellular. The first is still characterized by more pronounced stiffness. But at the same time, cellular polycarbonate is still a little easier. Be that as it may, both options are very practical, therefore they are used to implement many important tasks.