How to choose the right TV size. What size of the TV to choose

The moment came when you came to the conclusion that you need a new TV. It would seem that there is such, go and buy it. But no, because there were rumors that you need to choose the right size of the TV, and already think about its functionality and manufacturer.

These rumors are true, because the size, in this case, matters. Then, a logical question arises: “How to choose the size of the TV?»This is a confusing procedure, but let’s try to structure it somehow.

What you need to know to determine the size of the TV

To choose the size of the TV screen, you will need to take into account the size of the room in which there will be a TV, and the arrangement of furniture. Then we determine the location of the TV. In this case, it is important to know the following parameters:

– He will stand or hang;

– where will you install it.

Determine the size of the TV

1. All of the above will help you find out which TV size to choose. When you know where and at what height will there be a TV, you can calculate what distance will be separated from the screen. The sages say that this distance should be the diagonals of the TV increased by five times. That is, if the diagonal of the TV is 26 inches or 72 cm, then you should watch it from a distance of 3.6 m. Therefore, the statement: the larger the TV, the better, not entirely correct.

2. There is another parameter by which you should navigate in order to choose the right TV size. This parameter is the screen resolution. Resolution is the number of points that form the picture. The more points, the greater the resolution. Great resolution allows you to watch TV from a smaller distance, while the quality of the picture will be excellent.

This follows, the more resolution, the more the diagonal of the TV should be. To make it clearer, look at the air television from close range (it usually broadcasts with low resolution), and then you will see all the flaws of the image. But it is worth moving a little further, as the picture becomes better, and is easier to perceive the eye.

Let us give an example if your TV has a 32 -inch diagonal and a signal is given with a resolution of 625 lines, then the minimum distance at which the image will remain high -quality, equal to 2.5 m or three screen diagonals. If the resolution is 720 lines, then this distance is reduced to 1.9 m. And if the TV shows as Full-HD, then the minimum distance should be 1.3m.

To summarize the 2nd point: if the distance from the screen to you 2.2 m, then the HD Ready TV needs to be purchased with a diagonal of 37 inches, and Full-HD-52 inches.

The nuances of the 2nd point

If your TV has a resolution of 720 lines and above, and the video signal will be served with a resolution of 625 lines, then the quality of the picture will be the same as on a TV with a resolution of 625r. That is, a lot depends on the video signal itself.

Depending on the films with the DVD player, watching analogue television, you get a signal with a resolution of 625r. Satellite television broadcasts with a resolution of 720r.

To summarize everything: if these recommendations have not helped to determine the size of the TV, then go to friends, perhaps they watch the same TV that you would like to buy. The method of “poke” determine from what distance you better perceive the picture. If such a distance is acceptable for your room, then feel free to buy the same TV.