The device of a half -dry screed in accordance with modern technologies

In order for the flooring to be strong and perfectly even, it is necessary to observe technological requirements, and the cost of screed has nothing to do with it, since the main thing is durability. Based on the requirements of modern technologies, for the production of a half-dry screed, materials such as the cement of the brand of the PC 500-D0, the sea sand sifted to the 5 mm fraction and brought to a state of normal humidity.

It is advisable to use fiber – a fiber construction micro -urmiac (VSM) as a reinforcing material. To give improved operational qualities into the screed, plasticizing additives are integrated, contributing to the accelerated hardening of the coating and ensuring the optimal strength characteristics. Mixing the components is carried out by using mechanical mixers and pneumonagneters.

The process of preparing the mixture in accordance with the generally accepted technology is carried out as follows. Sand is shipped into the faucet with the calculation that it occupies a volume of 120 liters. Further, to the operating device is overloaded to 150 grams of fiber and 50 kg of cement of the brand of PC 500-D0.

After the components of the mixture are mixed with dry, you can proceed to the supply of water, which is poured together with the plasticizer and superplastifier. Mixing the resulting composition to a full readiness state takes no more than 5 minutes. The optimal device of a half -dry screed involves mixing in a hermetically sealed mixer.

The industrial sale of screeds provides for the supply of the solution from the mixer to the laying site by means of special hoses. The object on which the styling is carried out should be from the mixer and the pneumonagneter at a distance of no further than 100 meters in the horizontal plane and 70 meters vertically.

Laying the mixture is carried out according to pre -installed metal beacons. The mixture is pumped by means of compressed air is evenly distributed over the entire base and subsequently rubbed with special grouting machines. The optimal waterproofing of the finished coating involves the preliminary processing of the joints between the inter -story floors with dry mixtures.

Depending on the operational purpose of the construction site before the distribution of the mixture on the ceilings, soundproofing material may be laid.