Pakistan – between the Himalayas and the Arabian Sea

A trip to Pakistan is equated with a meeting with fascinating land, which withstood numerous invasions and retained the memory of them in numerous monuments and archaeological excavations. Located along the magnificent Indus, the country of Pakistan occupies the territory from the mountain valleys of the Himalayas to the shores of the Arabian Sea. She is the mistress of a wide variety of landscapes, from arid deserts to valleys with lush vegetation and barren mountain peaks.

The attractions of Pakistan

The cities of Pakistan are modern and have many fascinating attractions. Karachi, the former capital, is located on the shores of the Arab Sea. The city is rich in interesting tourist objects, such as: the magnificent mausoleum of Caid-I-Azam (Quaid-E-Azam), completely designed from white marble, the National Museum of Pakistan and Clifton Beach (Clifton). The main attraction of Islamabad is the Masjid Mosque, in which 10,000 believers can fit, and, which includes 88 minarets. The ancient city of Peshavar is surrounded by high walls that are equipped with the 20th gate. Most of this area can only be visited with the permission of the authorities.

Kashmir region is known for its picturesque peaks. Here are the famous Nanga Parbat and K2, as well as Batura Glaciers and Baltoro, the largest outside the polar region.   Wild and excellent area of ​​Chitral (Chitral) is located in the Hindu Kush mountains. She is known for hot springs, rivers full of trout and people of Kalash, the last tribe of Kafiristan (Kafiristan). To the east of Chittral, the Swat Valley (SWAT) with fantastic alpine landscapes, where the ruins of the ancient Buddhist temples that the country of Pakistan were preserved before the Islam, were preserved.

National cuisine of Pakistan

The national cuisine of Pakistan is very similar to Indian, with the only difference being that it is less piquant. Dishes often contain yogurt, which reduces spices severity. Wheat is the main ingredient and the main food product. Roti and Chapatis are baked from it, which are fed to the welded tea, milk and sour milk. In cities, meat is often served to the table, but in rural areas, beef and lamb adheres to the holidays that the country of Pakistan honors everywhere.

Weather in Pakistan

January is the coldest month in Pakistan (plus 12-16 degrees), and July is the hottest (30-35 degrees), although frosts are not excluded in winter, and in summer the thermometer can show 45 degrees. The country of Pakistan does not indulge in climatic conditions, but its cultural values ​​and attractions make it forget about it.