Country: Germany

The state of Germany is located in the central part of Europe. The capital of the country is the city of Berlin.


Undoubtedly, the most popular place in Germany is the capital of the city of Berlin. The sights of both architectural and natural ones are found not only in the capital itself, but throughout the country. So on the island of Ryugen is surprisingly beautiful cliffs. Rhine River, which is of greater importance for trading.

Of the architectural attractions, it is worth visiting the Church of the Mother of God called Frauenkirch. The church was destroyed during the Second World War, and then was restored in 2005. After the opening, she began to be very popular with tourists.

It is worth mentioning the famous mass walking in Munich, which is called Oktoberfest. The festival lasts about sixteen days, from September to October. And only only brewers of Munich can take part in it.

The most famous symbol of Cologne is the Cologne Cathedral, the construction of which lasted six hundred years. In the city of Lyubeck, the main attraction of the Golstein gates. The amazingly beautiful city of Heidelberg is erected in the Baroque style.

National cuisine

National ingredients of German national cuisine are: sauerkraut, buns, pork and potatoes. Traditional drinks in Germany are beer and coffee. A variety of meat products, such as sausages, Bavarian sausages, also are also popular. The first is popular with a variety of soups, such as: soup with peas and sausage, sausage soup, etc.

The shnitzeli, boiled pork, chop cutlets, steaks are also popular. Rice, boiled vegetables, beans are served on the side dish. Chicken eggs are widely used in German cuisine, a large number of dishes are prepared from them. For dessert, the Germans prefer flour products, jelly, fruit salads, puddings, mousses, ice cream.


Moderately continental climate prevails in Germany. The average temperature in January is approximately one degree, the minimum temperature is minus three degrees, so that winter is not very cold here. But in the years when the country acts with Arctic air, the temperature can rise to ten, fifteen degrees. In the eastern part of the country in the winter, the temperature can reach minus twenty degrees and below. The warmest months are July and August, the temperature during this period reaches a plus of eighteen, twenty degrees, the highest temperature in the country prevails in the eastern part of about thirty degrees. Often in spring, cold is returned. Throughout the year, a large amount of precipitation falls in Germany, especially in the summer.