Very, even modern country Salvador

Most of the salvador is a volcanic territory. Recently, the country was devastated by the civil war and a series of natural disasters, but visitors who came here may admire the strength and optimism of local residents. Poor local communities are hunting with artisanal folk works, but most tourists come here for the sake of picturesque beaches and tasted nightclubs. Salvador is developing and infrastructure of water entertainment, it is not for nothing that more and more surfers come in El Zonte, Sunzal (Sunzal) or La Libertad.

The attractions of Salvador

San Salvalor, the capital, will surprise with wide squares, a mixture of modern and colonial architecture, many parks and shopping centers. Not far from each other are the Cathedral and the National Palace, the National Theater and the Church of St. Ignacio. The exciting attraction is the Park of the attractions of San Hasinto, located on a hill that can be achieved on a funicular. A

The city of Panchimalco is very close to the capital (Panchimalco) is the unique capital of the Pancho Indians, as well as the village of San Sebastian, known for its weaver and Lake Ilopango, surrounded by volcanoes and mountains. The country of Salvador has 320 kilometers of the coastline with beautiful beaches, resorts, fishing villages and pine forests.

The most popular beaches are Libertada, Ruta Las Flores, Sichitoto, Playa Las Flores, La Palma, Santa-aa, next to which The highest volcano of the country is located – Nahuizalco (nahuizalco). The best resorts of the coast are equipped with Costa del Sol).

National cuisine Salvadora

Salvador’s culinary landscape consists of Italian, Korean, Japanese, American, Spanish restaurants. There is also an international network of snacks, which includes monsters such as McDonalds, Pizza Hut or Burger King. This is in big cities, but the country of Salvador does not end there. In rural areas, Rupusa are very popular – cakes with a filling of cheese or meat, as well as rice and beans, fried bananas, which are usually eaten with beans, sour cream, feta cheese. Pies with meat and sandwiches with a turkey are prepared right on the street of cities or at the airport.

Weather in Salvador

As in other tropical states, the country of Salvador does not indulge in serious temperature fluctuations. Almost the whole year, the thermometer shows from 25 to 30 degrees, only in August can be hotter. In the period from May to October, abundant rains are going on, so a more favorable period of visiting the country is November-April.