How to install a crane in the kitchen

The kitchen crane is an important component of the equipment. You think that the installation or repair of a semi -turn crane is a complex and insoluble task? We will try to dissuade you in this.

How to install a crane in the kitchen

Features of the installation of the crane

Here are a few steps to install:

You need to buy a new cran to the kitchen. How to choose a kitchen crane? It is necessary to be guided by the fact that the sink is installed in your kitchen. If the material of your sink is a stainless steel, the cranes for the kitchen must be chrounded, if the sink has a color coating, then the mixer is purchased in the same gamut.

Prepare a tool for installation work: wretch key 10×11, pliers, divorce key, screwdriver.

Cross the water in the riser.

Free the kitchen tap from packaging.

Check the completeness again: a tap to the kitchen, two flexible hoses with sealing rings, hemispheres, a bolt with a thread, a nut to a bolt.

Connect the hoses with the tap by means of thread so that the rubber rings are inside the tap and overlap the hole.

Insert between the tap and sink gasket.

Lower the hoses into the holes of the sink.

Insert the kitchen tap.

Prepare a bolt. To do this, wind the puck on it for 1 cm, and then put on the hemisphere.

On the bottom of the sink, screw the bolt with a screwdriver.

Make sure the reliability of fastening.

Connecting taps connect to taps.

Turn on the water supply, check the quality of the work performed.

Video how to install a tap in the kitchen