Country of Slovenia – between Alps and Mediterranean

Unlike Croatia and Bosnia, the country of Slovenia separated from Yugoslavia bloodlessly, even when it was part of the empire, Slovenia was the most prosperous region, which was easy to move from communist to the capitalist economy. Having hiding between the Alps and the Mediterranean, the country of Slovenia is blessed by colorful mountains, magnificent forests and part of the Adriatic coast. The beauty of Ljubljana, because of the position in the center of her territory, is a convenient launching pad for expeditions in the country.

The attractions of Slovenia

In the capital, an enchanting fountain located in the historical heart of the city is striking in the capital. The Cathedral of the Ljubljana and its Gemini-Bashni decorate the Slovenian capital, however, like: the National and City Museum, the Art Nouveau Gallery, the Bell House. In the main port of the country, the core, the loggia and the Prayer Palace, Karmin Rotond and the Provincial Museum are interesting. The city of Piran Tourists consider the pearl of Slovenia.

Venetian architecture, cool restaurants and excellent beaches – its main attractions. On an hour by train by train from the coast, tourists can explore the mysterious caves. Stalagmites and cave halls, which can accommodate up to 10,000 people, are tourist objects that travelers from around the world come to see. The country of Slovenia is known by its winter ski resorts. Most vacationers are attracted to: Bohin, Krvavets, Bovet Pogoryy, Circassian, Kransk Gora.

National cuisine of Slovenia

The usual local meal begins with the first dish: soup with noodles. For the second, meat is served with potatoes and salad. In addition, the inhabitants of Slovenia love goulash, as a rule, prepared from pork, as well as sausages and steaks. Italian influence affects cooking. Ravioli, pasta, pizza, risotto, too, enters the local diet. Other local dishes are: Struklji – cabbage rolls seasoned with meat, vegetables or sweet, Zganci – Polenta, Zlikrofi – Potato Blees.

Weather in Slovenia

In the mountainous regions of Slovenia in the summer, the temperature rises to 24 degrees of heat, and in winter there are up to 10 degrees of frost. In the coastal areas warmer, both in winter (plus 2-4), and in summer (23-28 degrees). The end of spring and autumn can be marked with storm rains, and in winter, the mountains are covered with snow, which is only glad.