Island Castle Mon Saint-Michel between England and France

The island castle of Mon Saint -Michel is a true witness of the Middle Ages, which today adorns the shores of France. He is the most popular attraction of the country, returning his guests to the romantic and mysterious Middle Ages.

Location. The Castle Mon Saint-Michelle on the mountainous island in Normandy, between France and England, one kilometer from the French coast was built. Not far from it is the town of Avranches, and the Kuoesnon river falls into the sea.

Castle Mon Saint-Michel

Description. Only a narrow strip of land connects the Castle of the Mon Saint-Michelle to the coast. The dam, too, can be considered a landmark, and tourists who want to get to the island will receive a portion of adrenaline, crossing it, surrounded by the raging sea. Unlike other French castles, the powerful Mon Saint-Michel is not a defensive structure, but serves religious purposes, that is, it is a monastery. Its architecture is no less interesting than history. The main church is built in the Romanesque style by Italian architect. In the 11th century, the castle was equipped with powerful walls, from which today an enchanting view of the surroundings opens, and in the 12th, the monastery was decorated with various extensions in the Gothic style. In 1979, Mon Saint-Michel was included in the lists of UNESCO.