Varieties Building Forests: Features

Building forests can be made of wood or metal (most often from steel pipes). Of course, steel forests are much stronger and more reliable than wooden forests. In addition, the mass of wooden forests is much higher than that of steel structures.

So that the rental of construction forests in Moscow does not turn into undesirable consequences, it is necessary to understand the varieties of such forests.

So, they distinguish wedge forests – the compounds in them are mainly wedge. These are quite reliable, capable of withstanding serious loads of structures, which, at the same time, can be easily and quickly disassembled if necessary. If massive nodes and materials in large quantities are supposed to be placed in the forests, then wedge forests are suitable as possible.

Another variety is frame forests. The main structural element is a rigid frame, the nodal joints of which provide communication with diagonal and horizontal racks. This is the most common type of forest for painting and plastering work. The construction of such structures, as a rule, is inexpensive.

The main nodal connection of the pin forests is, respectively, the pin. These forests are widespread primarily because it takes a little time to install and dismantle them.

Clamp forests belong to the category of professional equipment and are used mainly at objects with a complex configuration.