The provincial charm of Liechtenstein

Hidden between Switzerland and Austria, the country Liechtenstein seems to be a forgotten corner of Europe. The principality covers the fertile valley of the Rhine and the steep slopes of the Mountain Massive “Three Sisters”. In the summer, mountains and valleys are a favorite place for cyclists, and in winter this region is loved by skiers. Liechtenstein is dotted with picturesque villages and ancient chapels, and the capital of Vadutz offers interesting attractions and excellent shopping opportunities. Given the low tax, the population of the camp is considered one of the richest in the world.

Liechtenstein’s sights

The main attraction of Vadutz is the medieval castle of Schloss Vaduz – the royal residence and the symbol of the country. Other interesting places for tourists in the capital are: the postal museum, the National Library, the Museum of Ski and the Art Museum, where you can see the works of Rubens, Van Dyck and Rembrand. The small town of Balzers offers to admire the castle of Gutenberg (Gutenberg) and the colorful chapel of St. Peter.

Coat of arms of Liechtenstein Lichtenstein map

Almost every Liechtenstein village can boast of its unique attraction. For example, in the village of Trisen, this is the chapel of St. Mamerten and Holy Mary, in Planken (Planken)-the chapel of the Monk Joseph, and in Eschen-Nendeln-Roman ruins. In addition, the country Liechtenstein will delight the delightful parish churches of Bendern (Bendern), Miren (Mauren), Ruggell, ruins of the magnificent castle of Burg Shenllenberg.) who will conduct an exciting history lesson.

Liechtenstein national cuisine

The geographical position leaves the imprint on the national cuisine of Liechtenstein. The main impact on it is exerted by Swiss and Austrian cooking, but you can try here, and German, Italian, and French dishes. Probably, the country Liechtenstein boasts of one of its traditional dish, which is served with red wine Vaduzer. This is Kaseknopfle – small dumplings with cheese.

Weather in Liechtenstein

A feature of the climate of Liechtenstein is a large temperature difference. Rhine Valley rejoices with a softer climate than the climate of the mountains. In summer, the thermometer can show up to 27 degrees in the afternoon and up to 15, at night, and in winter temperatures range from minus 5 to plus 5. At night frosts can drop to 10 degrees. The country Liechtenstein offers excellent conditions for tourism, both in summer and in winter, depending on the preferred type of recreation.