A fleeting look at the US Country

Thanks to cinema and television, almost every person of the planet has their own opinion about the United States of America. However, this virtual acquaintance cannot be compared with the unforgettable horizons of Manhattan, with the first trip on a yellow taxi, with the ubiquitous kiosks with hamburgers, with huge premium, with sweet jazz chords in New Orleans or with the neon enjoyment of Las Vegas.

sightseeings of USA

The huge country of the United States offers so many options for travel and so many entertainment events that a tourist who visited it will have to not be easy to choose the direction. You can only help him a little in this, pointing to some attractions. For example, on:

Metro-Museum, which will please 2 million works of art, including masterpieces of Monet and Cezanne, Modigliani and Macintosh, a grandiose collection of medieval art;

National Memorial “Mount Rashmore”, in which you can see huge statues of American presidents;

Yellouston National Park with a large number of geysers, a large canyon, lake, forest fossils and a variety of wild life;

The statue of freedom that the US country has chosen by its symbol;

Hollywood is the best thematic park in the world and the main attraction of Los Angeles;

Las Vegas Boulevard – a symbol of an American excess;

Alcatraz-a prison-museum on the isolated rock of the San Francisco Bay;

The National Park “Death Valley” is a unique corner of wildlife;

The tourist complex “Kennedy Space Center” at Cape Canaveral, which is a breathtaking mixture of space technology and nature;

Disneyland – thematic parks, water parks, restaurants, theaters, hotels.

National cuisine of the United States

Railways are an integral part of the American lifestyle and represent establishments, with an obligatory flag on the roof, which serve simple, but nutritious dishes. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, bloodsters with blood, apple pie are particularly popular. Alcohol laws vary from state to state, as well as age, starting from which you can buy it. The US country spread its national drinks, Kaka-Cola and espresso.

Weather in the USA

The Giant Country of the United States uses the benefits of 11 climatic zones: from the Arctic climate in Alaska to the subtropical on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. The hottest is in Florida and the deserts of Arizona (up to 38 degrees), and colder, in the same Alaska (up to 25 degrees of frost). In the central regions, the climate depends on the terrain and the time of the year. Temperature fluctuations can reach 25-30 degrees.