The sights of Belarus

There are many attractions in Belarus that are interesting to see. Every year, more and more tourists visit colorful Belarus. Each city of Belarus has its own small story, all of them are unlike one another.

The capital of Belarus – Minsk – pure and cozy. It is rich in museums and cathedrals: the Holy Stukhov Cathedral, Peter and Paul Cathedral, Catholic Catholic Cathedral of the Virgin Mary. The most famous church is the Church of the Saints Simon and Elena (Red Church).

Among the castles are the most popular: Mirsky, Nesvizh., Old and new castle in Grodno.

History of the place – Sofia Cathedral in Polotsk, the Brest Fortress and the Hatin memorial complex. The landscapes of Belarus are famous for their beauty. Famous places – Belovezhskaya Pushcha, Berezinsky Reserve, Nalibokskaya Pushcha, Braslav lakes.

National cuisine of Belarus

It is unusual that in such a small country the traditional cuisine of the eastern part and Western differs. A feature of the kitchen of Belarus: a long and thorough process of processing simple products (fried, extinguished, cook, and t. D.).

The traditional dishes of Belarus are pancakes, grandmother, billets and many potato dishes.

Pancakes – pancakes from potatoes. This dishes are transmitted from generation to generation, it is unlikely that there are families that do not know the recipe.

Grandma is made of grated potatoes, which is baked in the oven. Then served to the table with milk or sour cream.

Of course, there are many other dishes in the diet of Belarusians, and potatoes are not so often consumed, but they love.

Weather in Belarus

Winter with stable frosts begins in the second half of December. Frequent changes in warm and cold air masses are characteristic.

December usually the warmest month of winter. On average, a temperature of -2 ° C to -6 ° C.

January the coldest month. Temperature from -5 ° C to -10 ° C. Recently there are days when the temperature reaches -20 or -30 ° C.

In February, the temperature is like in December. Warming begins from the second half. Weather in Belarus is mainly cloudy with precipitation and fogs.

Spring begins in late February or early March.

In March, the snow only descends. The temperature is still -3 or -5 ° C.

In April, warming occurs. The temperature rises to +8 ° C.

In May, trees and bushes are already green. The temperature reaches +15 ° C. The weather is more clear and sunny.

In summer, mostly clear days, there are rain with a thunderstorm.

June with long days and short nights. Temperature on average +18 ° C. Sometimes reaches +30 ° C.

July – the warmest month. But here the temperature is on average +20 ° C. Sometimes reaches a record.

August is a month when the summer is already ending. Temperature about +16 ° C. Rains more often than in other months. There are frosts at night.

Autumn occurs in September. The temperature is held +15 ° C, but gradually decreases. It often rains. Freezing is possible at night.

In October, the temperature decreases to +5 ° C. But in the second half of the month, Babier Summer comes, this is the time when the weather in Belarus is warm as in the summer.

In November, the temperature is significantly reduced, there is time that it is snowing. But the temperature is held up to +2 ° C.