Nepal – everything for everyone

Not only climbers are attracted to Everest. On a magnificent landscape bordering the highest peaks of the world full of wildlife of jungle, the country Nepal offers everything for everyone. In addition to the unique nature, Hindu temples and ancient Buddhist culture attract a huge number of travelers. An unstable political situation has sunk into the past and Nepal is looking forward to its admirers.

The sights of Nepal

The main city of the kingdom is a magic catmand. Its main square, Durbar (Durbar), is full of temples and shrines, and the magnificent statue of Hanuman, the god of monkeys, amazes the imagination. Not far from the capital is the city of Bandipur (Bandipur), which will surprise with its architecture and the Tanya Mai Temple. Bhaktapur (Bhaktapur) is known for its museums, among which a museum of wood and a bronze museum is distinguished, and the National Art Gallery will demonstrate paintings depicting very unusual animals.

Coat of arms of Nepal Nepal map  

The city of Patan is filled with ancient attractions, such as: Patan Durbar, Krishna Mandir, Royal Baths, Kumbheshwor Temple (Kumbheshwor) and the Golden Temple. There are a lot of exotic animals that the Nepal country is rich in, live in the Zoo Jawalakhel, and the most interesting natural attraction of Nepal is the Siddha Gufa cave with exciting limying formations.   It is worth visiting the altar Ganesh, the god of elephants, who, as they say, brings good luck. There are four Ganesh temples in Nepal, which are masterpieces of Nepali architecture: in Kathmandu, in Chabahil (Chabahil), in Chobar (Chabahil) and in Bhaktapur.

National cuisine of Nepal

Probably the most famous Nepalic dishes are: Gundrook-Dheedo- a dish of wheat, corn and dried herbs, Alu-Tama- potatoes with bamboo shoots, ris with spices, Masu- meat with acute sauce and rice, tukpa- egg noodles, eggs, ovary noodles, Shatamari – type of pizza made of rice flour with meat, vegetables, egg and sugar. The country of Nepal does not refuse from alcohol, which are prepared here from various natural ingredients. Tongba and Rakshi are the most popular of them.

Weather in Nepal

The Napal Mountain Country has many natural-climatic zones, the temperatures of which vary great. In lowlands, most of the year, hot. Average annual temperature 28-32 degrees. Naturally, the mountains are colder, and the temperature indicators depend on the height. Given all this specificity, it is proved that the best time to visit Nepal is the period from September to November.