About the sights of the city of Milan

Milan is the largest Italian city, which bears a greater cultural, economic value for the country, and is also a popular tourist place due to a large number of historical attractions. For residents of Italy, this city is a business center of the country’s financial and industrial life, but for foreigners it is known, first of all, as the capital of the world fashion. A visit to Milan can become even more pleasant and fascinating if you supplement it with a trip to the world-famous La Scale or San Siro.

The sights of Milan.

Let’s start our virtual journey let’s start with that very famous Teatro Alla Scala, located near Cathedral Square. Its construction was started already at the end of the XVIII century at the place where the church of the same name was previously built. Just incredible acoustics and purely neoclassical interior design – a sign of high architectural skills of those times and a real historical heritage. On the stage of the La Scala Theater, many musical premieres were played, today it is an informal center for the cultural life of Milan and Italy.

No less grandiose architectural miracle is the Milan Cathedral, built at the end of the 14th century. Although it is worth noting that he was periodically completed, acquiring the features of all architectural styles. Initially, the Gothic style, created by French masters, was supplemented by the interspersed of the Renaissance (upper spire), Romanesque columns and facade. Fantastic view of the Milan Cathedral has in the evening under the light of spotlights. But on Cathedral Square, where it is located, there are many visitors and during the day – it is the center of Milan’s business life.


The attractions of Milan, following the geographical principle chosen by the geographical principle, it is worth mentioning the gallery of Victor Emmanuel II. It is located between Milan’s grandiose attractions listed above and only complements the overall impression of the journey through the historical center of Milan. She is relatively young, counting a little more than 100 years, and contrary to its name, for the most part, it consists of boutiques, cafes, bookstores. Gallery of Victor Emmanuil II, by the way, named after the first king of Italy – a great place to distract from historical values ​​and “switch” to shopping.

It is worth noting that among the interesting attractions of Milan there are also many museums, among which we note the Museums of Pordi-Petsles, the Separate Museum of Science and Technology “Leonardo da Vinci”. It was opened in 1953 and talks about the inventions of the world-famous Italian genius. Lonardo finds are presented as exhibits, hundreds of his drawings. The National Museum also presents important milestones of industry development through aircraft, ships. A fairly unique moment is that the Museum organized the “Science for babies” department, where in the game manner, kids can put their first experiments and study new properties of different materials.