Moldova – wine, monasteries, hospitality

Possessing fertile soil, rich history, many monasteries and ancient forests, the country of Moldova, first of all, is known for its wines. The breathtaking cellars of Cricky are known far beyond the borders of the country, and in recent years, wine cellars and factories in Purkar, Branesht, Kozhushna and Orgeev have been opened. In addition to wine, most of the tourism industry is based on traditional folklore, gastronomic diversity and environmental tourism.

The sights of Moldova

No doubt the main Moldavian attractions are located in Chisinau located on the Bull River. Museums of the capital are very interesting, among which stand out: a museum of history and ethnography, located in a picturesque building in a Turkish style; Museum of Fine Arts, where the works of artists and sculptors of Moldova, Russia, and countries of Western Europe are exhibited; Pushkin Museum-Dom, where the great writer began work on Evgeny Onegin “.

Other cities of Moldova, too, can offer interesting attractions. For example, in the city of Balti, the Vasile Alexandri Theater is magnificent, Kahul will offer several excellent health resorts, and in the cities of Bender and Magpies are located well -preserved fortresses where you can get acquainted with historical artifacts of the earth called the country of Moldova. A special direction of tourism of the country is monasteries. In sugar, old Orgeev, Hynka, Kong and many other cult objects you can find reassurance and relaxation.

National cuisine of Moldova

Moldavian cuisine successfully uses fruits of fertile soils and a successful location at the crossroads of nationalities and cultures. Greek pies, Italian pizza, Russian dumplings, Turkish barbecue, Ukrainian borsch and Romanian cheoRba are very popular here. Of course, the main national dish is mamaliga, prepared from corn flour and served with fried fish or slopes, milk or ovary. A fertile country of Moldova offers a huge number of vegetables and fruits that are tasty in their natural form, without cooking and frying. Naturally, the main drink of the country is wine, which is considered to be obliged by every self -respecting Moldavian.

Weather in Moldova  

Geographically, the country of Moldova is located halfway between the northern pole and the equator. That’s no doubt that is why the temperature here is average and completely comfortable: in the summer-25-30 degrees, in the spring and autumn-10-20 degrees, in winter-minus 5-plus 5. Of course, the most convenient time to visit Moldova is summer, which is long, sunny, green.