Sweden Capital – the city of Stockholm

Sweden is located in Northern Europe, washed by the Baltic Sea and Botanical Bay. Sweden has two large Islands of Eland and Gotland.

The capital of Sweden city Stockholm. This city is considered one of the most beautiful towns in Europe. On local islands you can see beautiful natural galleries. There are also many historical arts that are in wonderful museums and galleries in Stockholm.

Walking in the capital, you can see the castles and palaces of Sweden impressive about your splendor. In general, Sweden is popular with its national parks and magnificent reserves. On the territory of the reserves, you can find beautiful forests, lakes, mountains, swamps and you can see many animals and exotic plants for this place.

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A ski rest is very famous in Sweden. You will definitely like extreme sledding, a canoeing, mountaineering, horses and much more excursions.

In addition to natural attractions, Sweden is rich in cultural objects of art and history. Many strange monuments are listed in UNESCO. Arriving in Sweden, be sure to visit a big town. It is considered one of the oldest towns of Sweden. The city is of great importance for this country. After a lot of time, the city remains the same as it has been many centuries ago. Sigtuna has 7 beautiful churches and a beautiful Dominican monastery.

Sweden – Sigtuna Sweden – Gotland Sweden – Malma  

Another tourist place to relax in Sweden is the island of Gotland. Here you can admire the natural beauties of mountain rocks, sea landscapes, beautiful fields and meadows. Popular even for the royal family is the island of Eland. This island is interesting primarily by its landscapes, palaces, fortresses.

The third popular place for tourists in Sweden is the city of Malmo. The city is considered a cultural and educational center. In addition to cultural attractions, guests of the city offered a two -kilometer beach with all amenities.