How to independently install a cornice for curtains

The best decoration of the window in an apartment or a country house is modern beautiful curtains that harmoniously combine with a common interior style. Window decoration with curtains is impossible without installing a suitable cornice. When choosing a cornice, one should be guided not only by personal preferences regarding the type of material or shape of the bar, but also to take into account how many rows of curtains are supposed to be hanged, their weight and, of course, what is the length of the cornice, taking into account the corner elements, will be optimal for your window.

Installation of a ceiling cornice

After acquiring the cornice, carefully read its device. It is reasonable to pre -collect it on the floor and make sure that the number of dowels and screws is sufficient. If you are supposed to attach the cornice to the brick wall, then instead of dowels, wooden plugs will fit better. The cornice should be longer than the window width by 30-40 cm, and the distance from the upper part of the window to the location of the cornice should not be less than 5 cm, otherwise difficulties will arise when opening the window.

Necessary tools

The width of 12-15 cm should be maintained from the wall to the bar so that the curtains do not contact with the heating radiator and the windowsill. From the instruments for the installation of the cornice, a shock drill with a drill of the desired size or a punch, screwdriver, roulette, pencil will be required. First make markings on the wall and mark the place of mounting the brackets with a pencil. Then, in the intended places, drill holes in the wall to a depth of about 5 cm and beat the dowels in them. After that, using screws, proceed to install the brackets. On fixed brackets, install the bar with rings. If you have chosen a ceiling cornice, then remember that there are three types of fasteners of ceiling cornices: installation using brackets, fastening the frame with guides and hanging the frame on the suspensions.

Installation of a ceiling cornice

The installation of a ceiling cornice is similar to the mounting of the wall cornice. Before determining the fasteners, consider the distance from the wall to the cornice, as well as the placement of the cornice itself relative to the middle of the window. After marking, holes are drilled into which dowels or wooden plugs are inserted. Then the guides are mounted, to which curtains will subsequently be attached. Sometimes, when buying a cornice, an undercurrent of factory fasteners is found. In this case, special anchors with internal carvings will help.

These fasteners give even a stronger connection than screws.