Wooden houses: selection of material for construction

In the twentieth century, a house made of natural wood became a little alien to Soviet architecture and an actively promoted style of neoclassicism. Basically today you can find possessions that are made of brick. The houses of a very old building, where the base of the wall is a natural tree, which is then covered with brick – very warm, but at the same time this design is quite shaky. Today, the owners of the houses are not at all embarrassed to use the wooden basis of the walls, and in addition, a lot of materials have appeared, which are designed for wooden households. The most popular material is glued beam, which allows you to build the most solid house with a very long operational period, and at the same time ensure a wonderful architectural type of home ownership, which is suitable for all the canons of modern design. Houses made of glued beam allow you to build both a very small summer house and an elite plan in several levels with the most intricate architecture. With all this, the cost of construction is much less than the estimate for the construction of a brick house according to exactly the same project.

The second popular building material is a log house. A house made of a galinded log – the tradition of Russian architecture. As a rule, a log is preliminarily prepared strictly for a specific project, and then it is brought to the construction site in the form prepared for further installation.