How to decorate your sleeping room

Before starting work, imagine that you are decorating a New Year tree, because your goal is to decorate. You need to start with the most basic elements. If you prefer small accessories, toys are suitable. Put them all over the room. A good decor element can be a tape from toys, they can be hung in the corners of your bedroom. Any toys are suitable for the tape, including soft.

Reproductions and posters. A collection of reproductions of pictures of such great artists as Salvador Dali and Monet or posters with the image of your beloved heroes can perfectly decorate their favorite room.

Decorate your bedroom door with beads curtains. We recommend that you make curtains in the style of the night sky. Scattering sparkling beads in the form of stars, sewn on the curtains – the most. Stick on the ceiling flickering in the darkness of the star – and you will have your night sky.

If you need to not only decorate the room, but also carry out repairs in the bathroom, then the bathroom repair master will be able to do all the work you need in the shortest lines for a small fee.

Shelves as a necessity. Use as much space as possible for racks. They can be placed, and then beautifully arranged your favorite books on them. On the shelf, arrange figures of characters from your favorite comics and films. Store them in packaging – this will give the rack additional value.

TV as a way to entertain. Set the TV for one channel, better animated. So you will have a room in which your children will be comfortable.