Why is it worth visiting the Vatican

Vatican is the smallest country around the world. This state does not sell anything, does not produce or mines. This small state makes money exclusively on tourists who visit holy places, museums. One of the most visited places is the papal residence. It is located in the city of Chitta Lionin. The residence includes dozens of buildings.

St. Peter’s Cathedral is the most unique building. Celebrities as Rafael, Brahmante, Michelangelo and others worked on his project. The cathedral erected several generations of masters, so such surnames sound. The cathedral got its name from the fact that it contains the remains of the saint, one of the most close to Jesus. You can find the cathedral on St. Peter’s Square.

One of the most popular places of the Vatican is his library. In it you will plunge into the world when books did not print on machines, but wrote them with your own hands. You will be able to see and touch them with your own eyes and hands. The library contains manuscript books of 7 centuries.

When visiting the Vatican, you must definitely see his gardens. They occupy about half of the country. Each dad, ruling in the Vatican, brought something his own to the gardens. In them you can trace the entire history of changes in the Vatican. But remember that you can visit the Vatican gardens on any day, except Wednesday and Sunday, from 9. 00 to 18. 00.

Vatican national cuisine

Vatican cuisine is Italian cuisine. She is famous for her most delicious pizzas in the world, spaghetti and sauces. On the table you will always find a wide variety of the latest Mediterranean products. What is the most remarkable is that all dishes are prepared according to ancient and proven recipes that make cooked food unique and unique to taste. You can try famous Italian wines. Taste to taste delicious Vatican coffee.

Vatican’s climate

In the Vatican climate subtropical. In January, the average monthly temperature ranges from 0 С to +12 s. In July, the average monthly temperature in the area +20 – +28 s. The largest amount of precipitation is observed here in winter, about 700 ml, mostly rains are going on. Snow in the Vatican falls very rarely. In the summer, the rains do not go very often. If you decide to visit the Vatican, then the best time will be from April to June or from September to November month.