Shelter of the Teutonic Order – Marienburg Castle

The castle of Marienburg of the Teutonic Order in Malborca ​​- in Poland (do not confuse with the castle with the same name in Germany) is the largest castle in the world and the largest brick building in Europe. The Order called the design of the Marienburg castle in honor of the Virgin Mary, who was considered the patroness of the Teutons.

Location. 60 minutes from the medieval Polish city of Gdansk, Marienburg Castle, which was included in the UNESCO lists in 1997, rises. It was built on the banks of the Nogat River, the tributary of the Vistula, in order to control this conquered territory of Prussia.

Marienburg castle in Poland

Description. The castle complex consists of: a large castle built in 1272-1300, a middle or eastern castle, built in 1310-1400, and a small or lower castle erected in the early 1400s. The large castle served as the headquarters of the Teutonic Order and was built on the site of the former monastery. It houses the Church of the Virgin Mary and the chapel of St. Anna. The gates and the bridge lead to the eastern castle, which consists of: the palace of the great master, the Great Equipment, the Knight’s Hall and the chapel of St. Bartolomey. In the lower castle are rooms for soldiers and arms arsenal. Has a Marienburg castle and a magnificent courtyard, which is surrounded by a Gothic portico. The entrance to the castle is framed by the golden gate built in the 13th century.