How to independently perform the enamel of the bath?

Baths in many apartments are installed in the days of the Soviet Union. And if the cast -iron base itself can serve for more than a dozen years, then the external coating – enamel – is often in a deplorable state. Enameling of van will help to solve this problem. This is a way to restore the appearance of the bath without its replacement, such a procedure can be easily performed independently.


The preparation consists of three stages:

selection of enamel;

bathtub washing;

The alignment of the bath.

Enamel. There are two types of mixtures for coating baths. These are two -component compositions and acrylic solution. Two -component compositions are a set of two chemicals, when they are mixed and new enamel is obtained. Such enamel remains liquid for a very long time (not more than an hour), which requires a certain speed in application, but also provides a better coating. Acryl maintains a liquid condition two to three times longer, but the coating is less dense.

Bath washing. All fat must be removed from the surface of the bath, because it can interfere with the normal drying of the mixture. Use a strong (very caustic) cleaning tool. Do the work only in gloves. Rinse the bath two to three times.

Alignment. At this stage, you need to remove the deposits of rust and all the roughness. It is advisable to use a grinding machine or buy a special nozzle for a drill. In extreme cases, align the surface with ordinary sandpaper. After leveling again, rinse the bath.

Application of enamel

The compositions for restoration of the bath are extremely toxic, do all the work in the construction respirator. Carefully read the instruction that comes with the composition. Dilute or mix all chemicals as indicated there. Apply the resulting enamel immediately after the mixture is ready.

Use the middle width brush. Apply enamel first on the sides of the bath. Then draw a brush from the center of the side to the bottom of the bath. Start smear the resulting line in all directions, adding enamel as necessary. When the entire bath is painted, apply a few more layers in the same way (until the whole mixture ends), leave for ten minutes. During this time, Subtles and divorces are formed, smear them with a brush. Wait for the drying time specified in the instructions.