How to choose the right plastic window

Recently, metal -plastic windows are gaining more and more popularity. The wooden classic frames are replaced by more durable and non -suffering plastic products to our homes. Indeed, a comfortable sound – and thermal insulation of such products allows people to more often stop their choice on them. Where should you start the choice of a metal -plastic window? The most important thing is that experts advise when buying is not saving. In fact, the high price is already a considerable protection against cheap and low -quality fakes. But, as with any purchase, the principle of “the more expensive, the better” is finally true.

Properties of plastic windows

Let’s look at the properties and characteristics of PVC windows that will allow them to serve us faithfully for decades. The first thing that catches your eye is the plastic frame itself. Here, oddly enough, there are no special complaints. The frame is made from the so -called window profile, which in almost all models has the same characteristics. However, it is worth paying attention not to the quality of the material, but to the structure of the frame. She herself inside is hollow and is divided by partitions into separate cameras. The more such cameras, the warmer you will be in winter. For the central regions of Russia, manufacturers recommend choosing classic three -chamber profiles.

Consider now metal inserts or a window reinforcement. And here the most interesting. Unscrupulous manufacturers allow themselves to reinforce with ordinary tin inserts or even without reinforcement at all, because of which the window in the future can seize and close poorly. When buying, immediately find out from the seller what quality the metal structure of your future window has. In high -quality windows, as a rule, a steel frame is used.

The next thing you should pay attention to is glass. The thickness of the glass should be at least 4-6 millimeters.

Also, for some people, one of the key points in the choice can be additional functions, such as ventilation mode or blocking the opening from children. When choosing, ask this, maybe something will seem interesting to you.

In conclusion, we can say that metal -plastic will be a great choice, both in design and in their physical characteristics. Such a window will fit into any apartment and will not let you freeze in the cold winter, and now you can not remember about annoying street noise.