Costa Rica-hide from the madness of the modern world

Despite the crazy popularity among tourists, the country of Costa Rica remains a place with rich biological diversity, where you can feel like an isolated from the madness of the modern world. The real pride of the country is national parks, allowing the country to achieve privileged status in ecotourism. Costa Rica is overwhelmed by a variety of landscapes, microclimate, flora and fauna. Here nature lovers will find their Mecca.

The sights of Costa Rica

Cities, the country of Costa Rica is not very rich, but their architecture is interesting and original. The capital of the country, San Jose can offer several worthy attractions. For example: the National Theater, the Cathedral, the building of the Legislative Assembly, the National Museum and the Gold Museum. Another city, Cartago (Cartago), was founded in 1563, as the first capital. Although many ancient buildings were destroyed by an earthquake, the local basil remains an architectural pearl.

Those who wish to learn a lot of interesting things about the ancient culture of the indigenous peoples can visit the center of Sapapikui (Centropico Sapapiqui), which demonstrates magnificent samples of ceramics, weapons, clothes and video materials, and lovers of exotic animal world should not skip the Ave (Zoo Ave) zoo, where Jaguars, tapirs, sloths, monkeys and a huge variety of reptiles are walking.

National cuisine of Costa Rica

Like the neighboring Mexico, the country of Costa Rica loves to pamper itself with piquant dishes. Gallo Pinto is a mixture of beans, rice, cilantro and onions. Casado is a typical lunch in Costa Rica containing rice and beans with meat or fish, which are always served with green salad or fried bananas. Merkado wounds are the perfect place to buy fresh fruits and other local products. Arriving in Costa Rica, you must definitely try Salsa Lizano-vegetable sauce, slightly spicy and sweet, which in Europe is called Costa Rican ketchup.

Weather in Costa Rica

Winter is the dryest month in Costa Rica. Strange, but the country of Costa Rica can surprise with frosts that occur on its small plateau, but in its larger territory, temperature fluctuations reach the limits of 18-30 degrees. These temperature regimes turn the country into an ideal place for the holidays throughout all seasons. After all, even in the rainy season, they are short -term and do not interfere with spending time for pleasure.