In the Netherlands, at home

You can talk about the Netherlands endlessly. The original and eccentric compared to other European countries, the country of the Netherlands is a real cultural and historical pearl.   From the narrow streets and fortresses of the University of Utrecht to the ultramodern architecture of the city of Eindhoven or the nightly life of Amsterdam, the country of the Netherlands accepts its guests with inexhaustible goodwill. Here, tolerance and equality is considered as a standard, so anyone feels at home.

The attractions of the Netherlands

The Netherlands are divided into 12 provinces. The largest cities are: Assen, Colle, Arnem, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam. Amsterdam is the capital in accordance with the Constitution, and in the Hague there is a government residence, the royal residence and most embassies. The most popular attractions are:

Keukenhof (Keukenhof) – the famous city of tulips;

Rembrand House-Museum is located 30 kilometers from Amsterdam;

The quarter of the “red lights”, where the hottest night life of the Netherlands passes;

Rijksmuseum Amsterdam – the largest museum of the country that contains a special collection of Dutch art;

Anna Frank’s house is a shelter where the famous Anna Frank wrote her diary during the Second World War;

House on the water – the history of the Dutch fleet;

Jewish Historical Museum, consisting of 4 synagogues;

Marine Museum – the largest collection of ships in the world;

The Van Gogh Museum contains 200 paintings and 550 drawings of the Dutch genius;

Oude Kerk – the oldest church in the Gothic style;

Artis Zoo (Artis Zoo) – the oldest zoo of the country;

Erasmus bridge is the main attraction of Rotterdam.

National cuisine of the Netherlands

Traditional Dutch food is rather satisfying and thorough than elegant. Breakfast, most often here consists of fresh bread, cheese, boiled meat or sausage, butter and eggs. No less nutritious lunch and dinner. Very tasty in the Netherlands pancakes – Broodjes and seafood dishes. The country of the Netherlands has the main culinary attraction is Dutch cheese. Goudse, Edammer, Leidse – only a few delicious varieties.

Weather in the Netherlands

A pleasant non -fire summer period and soft winter – the main characteristics of the Dutch climate. In summer, temperatures reach 17-22 degrees, and in winter they like a zero mark. Snow in the Netherlands rarely falls out and it does not linger for a long time. Of course, it is best to visit the country in the summer, but this does not have fundamental significance – the country of the Netherlands is always beautiful.