How to attach the balcony legally?

The construction of the balcony begins to solve the problem with extra meters. But this is troublesome and expensive, if you do everything according to the rules and legally.

The results of unauthorized alterations can be completely unpleasant for people acting without permission.

Examples of such situations:

– When buying an apartment, engaged in repair, the owner decided to increase the balcony of 30cm in width and 80cm in length. As a result, on the complaint of neighbors in the housing office, the new tenant acquired many problems and rebuilt the balcony, returning to him the previous look;

– Having decided to increase the useful area of ​​his apartment, the person increased the area of ​​his balcony by 12 square meters, but the resolution in ZhEK, of course, did not ask. As a result, he received litigation for the unclear restructuring of the apartment.

These are only two examples from the life of people who suffered from their own activities. Moreover, the owners of the apartments acted without even suspecting that they act illegally. In general, according to statistics, about 70% of the restructuring of housing were made without appropriate permission, many suffered from their own activities. Therefore, before starting a grandiose coup in the apartment, you need to get the appropriate permission. This is troublesome and long, it can take years, but permission to get not to tremble from fear for your activity, expecting an unexpected test. There is even the likelihood that having run through a long time, you can not achieve the desired result.

Options for solving such problems

The easiest option is to attach the balcony of the first floor. Here you need to get the right to own land. It is also decent.

The issue can be solved through an intermediary with a legal education, but it will cost more. But, if the issue of money is not a problem, then having up to $ 4,000 and six months of time, you can successfully solve all issues. In addition, in this case, construction can be carried out in parallel with the design of the papers. But you need to negotiate with an intermediary very carefully so as not to get into the clutches. For such purposes, you need to choose a more or less known office, check it from the words of former customers. Having agreed, you do not need to pay, the entire amount of prepayment immediately, better gradually. You must draw a contract for the services provided.

Having decided to attach or redo something arbitrarily, you can perfectly live your whole life in this apartment without risking. There is only one problem here – the inability to sell, give or bequeath this housing. Sell ​​such housing a whole problem, since no one will agree to conclude a deal under such conditions. How to make a legitimate restructuring can advise a competent lawyer.

Having consulted with a lawyer, you need to check the apartment that the engineer will conduct, and enter the data to the computer. After that, you need to pay a tidy amount for the legitimate redevelopment of the apartment, this is necessary for the permission of the same engineer. But this is also not the final option. You can do everything yourself if you contact the administration about the illegal extension. I will have to pay a fine, withstand the administration check, collect all the documents again and draw them up in an earlier number, make a project, then own the extension.

You can do the same work through an intermediary by paying a lot of money to specify officials, and the intermediary for the company will take only 20% of the amount.

As you can see, it is very difficult to resolve the issue with the legal execution of extensions, and the cost of such cosmic services. Many have heard about such problems that it is legally to build quite an obstacle, but there are quite few cases when they make you redo something. Therefore, it is worth trying. Knowing intermediaries even say that doing this is cheaper to bypass the rules, since by law it will be much more expensive, and it makes no sense.

Approaching the issue practically, you need to submit an application to the administration, having received permission, an order is made to receive this order for the work. After the issue with the architectural bureau, and back to the administration to the commission, is being resolved. Further, after receiving the permission, an agreement is concluded with the builders so that they control the work to build the extension. The cost of such services depends on the meter of the extension and the apartment, so if there is a property for property, technical passport and permission from adult residents of the apartment, you can begin to restructure.