How to make a stool with your own hands

DIY stool is not so difficult to make. You need to have the necessary tools, material, in this case, a tree, and a little experience in working with a tree.

First of all, you need to decide on which material the stool will be made. It is necessary to take four bars (future legs) of the same length and a size of 40×40 mm. Each of the bars is narrowed in diameter, starting from the middle of the leg, using a rubbish.

In the upper part of all bars, grooves are made under the stakes under the tsar’s pins and pricing. Pans for pins are made closed from the end, and for the TsG – open.

Four bars are made for the tsar with a size of 50×20 and a length of 28 cm and the same number of bars for pricing with a size of 20×30 and about 30 cm long, t. To. The legs of the future stool are made of narrowed down. At the ends of the pronouns and the tsar, spikes are made, which are further inserted into the grooves on the legs.

For the seat, you need to take a whole sheet of boards in size 36×36 cm and 2 cm thick. If desired, with the help of a rubbank, you can remove the edge of the corners.

Four fasteners of bars of 3.5×2 cm and 12 cm long are made for the fortress and stability of the stool. All details before assembly are thoroughly clicked.

Before gluing the parts, you must first assemble a stool without a seat and see if there are distortions in the structure. After making sure everything is done correctly, they start gluing parts.

All spikes and grooves are smeared with special glue for wood and glued with each other in order, first the kings with legs, and then the prunes. To better fix the kings with the legs, it is necessary to pull them together with self -tapping screws. On the reverse side of the seat on four sides, the fasteners are attached using self -tapping screws so that they are closely contacted with the frame, and then they are attached to self -tapping screws to the Tsarks.

DIY stool made is then varnished, and self -tapping screws are masked by wooden plugs.

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