Options for decorating the interior living room

The interior of the apartment

The living room is a special room in every house. It is here that all family members gather in order to discuss problems and planned things, just talk, relax after a working day, watch a movie or listen to your favorite musical compositions. Therefore, this room should be spacious, bright, cozy, cheerful and as comfortable as possible.

If the interior of the living room I want to make conservative and classic, it is worth paying attention to a simple, moderate interior, not too luxurious, but still, somewhat unusual. Symmetry of the line, the correctness of forms, soft and pleasant for perception of color, severity and elegance – this is what should be in the main elements of the interior. It is somewhat reminiscent of the design of the hotel project, which also combines all these motives. Also, do not forget about lighting, which should be bright and soft at the same time to create good conditions for a variety of classes, for example, such as reading, board games and watching TV.

It is recommended to choose furniture for a traditional living room in light shades, which will create a feeling of comfort and heat. It is desirable that its color is white or creamy. To decorate the furniture, you can use mother of pearl and gilding, valuable wood species, of course, if finances allow, because such materials are expensive. Windows should not be left unprotected, they can be decorated with a transparent tulle, light curtains or, conversely, with dense curtains in harmony with the general style.

For those who love everything new and unusual, it is recommended to arrange a living room in high-tech room. This relatively new and extremely popular interior style is actively using the combination of plastic, glass and metal, at the same time surprising and bewitching. High -tech allows you to embody the most incredible ideas in the home interior – metal pipes and transparent glass, furniture of unexpected colors and shapes, steel polished surfaces and natural wood. Of course, such experiments are quite risky, but their result can be very interesting.

In addition to simple lighting, you should pay attention to the additional device, which can be mounted even in furniture. Properly placed additional lighting is the possibility of relaxing in a muffled atmosphere, without interfering with other family members who can engage in other activities. Of course, in addition to the described styles of the interior of the living room, there are many others. List them all – not enough day. Most of them are no less interesting and diverse, in their own way unique and original. Therefore, you should think carefully which one is best for a specific family.