The history of the construction of castles.

During the Middle Ages, when one feudal lord could attack the possession of another feudal lord and take away all the property and people, the construction of castles began. The first castle built by a nobility-feudal was made of wooden logs, tightly laid in the protective walls. Around the fortified castle, often pulled out a moat, which was filled with water. It was possible to get inside the castle only through the fortified gates with the lowered bridge over the water barrier.

Beautiful castles

Such a castle served as a house for its master, for his family and peasants who served the family, prepared, cleaned, looked after animals. The main tower, which served as a dwelling for the owner, necessarily towered above the entire structure. This tower had a large room for receiving guests and solving problems of leading possessions. The court’s courtyard of the castle performed all the functions of servicing the feudal lord of the feudal lord, the maintenance of animals for the kitchen and horses of the feudal lord.

The structures were installed in hard -to -reach places or natural impassable obstacles were used, such as mountains, swamps, steep cliffs. The castle performed its main function – protection against a sudden attack of enemies.

In the future, castles began to be built from stone. They served not only for life, but also for cultural and spiritual goals. Such building structures grew, accommodating not only the owner of the owner, but also the artisan people of various crafts. Castles turned into fortified cities, in fortresses.

With the creation of gunpowder and the development of artillery, neither the castle nor the fortress could fully protect its owner from the attacked army.