Hot Turkmenistan – country of deserts and oases

The territory of deserts and oases, the country of Turkmenistan has a very rich and interesting story, from which its unique cultural traditions arise and, in no comparable, eastern atmosphere. In addition, it is a country of incredible contrasts, especially today, when the country is modernized.

The sights of Turkmenistan

Without a doubt, the main city of the country is Ashgabat, located on the outskirts of Kara-Kum. Among the new attractions of the capital, an arch of neutrality is highlighted, which has 75 meters in height. At its top there is a platform, from where the enchanting panorama of the city opens, and, which can be up to modern lifts. Near the arch is the marble palace of the Turkmenbashi, decorated with an Islamic dome. In the city you can visit several museums, among which a museum of carpets stands out, in which the most dimensional carpet in the world is exhibited, woven manually. 10 kilometers from Ashgabat is the Akhal-Teke National Farm, which is open to visitors and where you can enjoy magnificent thoroughbred horses.

Of great importance is the country of Turkmenistan to the development of ecological tourism. For example, the mountain resort of Chuli (Chuli) is a favorite place for lovers of hiking and climbers, and lovers of water entertainment can take one -day trip to Lake Bacharden, which feeds on underground sources and has a constant temperature – plus 37 degrees.

The national cuisine of Turkmenistan

Food products obtained from camels, cows, goats, sheep turn into various fats, cream, yogurts, and their meat is the basic product of Turkmen cooking. A popular dish is Dograma – thick soup, with pieces of dry bread, lamb, onion, tomatoes and spices. Hot green tea is part of each meal, even on the hottest days. The country of Turkmenistan is very hospitable, so being invited to visit here is very simple. A typical Turkmen treat is: bread, butter and sour cream, lamb pilaf, various fruits, nuts, sweets, tea.

Weather in Turkmenistan

Without a doubt, the country of Turkmenistan is the hottest territory of Central Asia. Summer daily temperatures here can reach a 50 degree mark. At the same time, in winter in the northern regions there are frosts, sometimes reaching 8-10 degrees. Another feature of the climate of Turkmenistan is unusually low humidity. In the summer it can decrease to 3-5 percent.