The choice of high -quality and inexpensive hotel.

People tend to dream and plan the upcoming vacation period. Money is accumulated, colorful offers of travel agencies are looking at. But it so happens that the accumulated funds are still not very much. And then the question is acutely – what can be saved on in order to fulfill your dreams related to the trip.

One of the articles of savings, there may be a choice of inexpensive, but high -quality hotel. Often, “star” does not at all reflect the content. A small, cozy hotel becomes a pleasant place of temporary residence.    Recommendations for choosing a hotel (in order to save saving did not spoil the rest).

Hotel choice 1. Search in the addresses of hotel establishments that meet the right territorial location. Near the sea, mountains or other objects planned for visiting. It should be noted that you can look at the sites of expensive hotels, sometimes they arrange stocks (when empty) or make special offers. Suddenly lucky.    2. The name of the hotel should be attractive to the vacationer, which is important for a positive psychological mood.    3. It is better to choose a hotel for no more than 100 seats. In a very small one – there will be a bad service, t. To. Keep a lot of staff not profitable. In large – not enough attention, vainly and queues at breakfast.    4. Find out the arrangement of numbers. Interior design, furniture, bathroom condition, etc. To do this, you need to see photos on the hotel website, read visitors’ reviews about the proposed service, staff behavior and administration.    5. It is advisable to study the rules for using numbers, which indicates – what is possible and what cannot be done. This is important, t. To. Subsequently, it may cause a spoiled mood.    6. You can find out what additional services are included in the hotel service. Not bad if breakfast is included in the price. And of course – wi – fi. You can’t even do without the Internet on vacation.    7. It is necessary to carefully consider the cost of all services. Sometimes the “surprise” is not planned service fees. For example, a spare bathrobe or parking space.    8. If the reservation of the room is done independently, you need to pay attention to how money will be withdrawn from the payment card, and to the conditions for the refusal of a reserved number. The option is preferable when the money is withdrawn only upon settlement, and there is an option of free refusal of armor (just in case).    9. You should pay attention to the hotel website. Most often, by how the site is made, you can understand what service is there. Although this is not a universal rule, and there are exceptions.    Given the above information, you can successfully cope with the choice of a temporary haven, a convenient, inexpensive hotel, with quality maintenance.