How to make a stretch ceiling with your own hands

You can install a stretch ceiling yourself. This is done if there is not enough funds to finish repairs or not firms that install stretch ceilings in your settlement.

In many cities and settlements they are, but not all ceiling installers agree to go to work in remote areas.

To install suspended ceilings ourselves, it is advisable to undergo training.

Graduation rules

If you have any difficulties in installing this ceiling, then the specialist you invite will help to correct your mistakes. When installing the PVC film ceilings, it is necessary to comply with safety requirements.

When installing these ceilings, gas equipment must be used. It cannot be saved here, risking life and property. On television, on the radio is often transmitted about explosions of gas cylinders, when safety regulations are not respected.

Let experts engage in the installation of film ceilings. Cutting the ceiling from the PVC film, the edges are processed with a harpoon, the so -called edge.

If the room has a large size, then you need to connect two or three pieces of the canvas together with welding. For this you need equipment.

Fabric ceilings can be installed, without using gas equipment, here you can try yourself. You need to purchase the necessary tool and mounting system.

Installation of a fabric ceiling

When installing the ceiling, the baguette allows you to use any kind of dense fabrics in which the edge does not crumble. Installation can be made in small hallways, narrow corridors.

The width of these rooms should be less than the width of the fabric. Installation needs tools: a punch, a screwdriver equipped with a variety of nozzles.

To pull the ceiling, a spatula is necessary, a set of shoulder blades. To determine measurements you need roulette, pencil is necessary to record data.

We also need a ladder, level, hammer, knife, cord, hairdryer. From the materials you need a canvas for the ceiling. Its dimensions should exceed the dimensions of the room by six to seven centimeters on each side.

Still need baguettes, self -tapping screws, dowels. Before you start work, you need to check the condition of the ceiling in this room. If the plaster is weak, you need to clean it from the ceiling, smear all the cracks, then primed.

If necessary, the heat -insulation is installed. Before starting work, the electric wires must be lowered through the corrugated tube.

When the baguettes are attached, a lot of garbage and dirt appears, it is necessary to protect the renovated apartment from this. So that the furniture does not interfere, then take it out of the room.

When assembling suspended ceilings, fastening is two types: fastening to the ceiling and mount to the walls.

The second type is most often used, because the ceilings are not always even. When attaching to the ceiling, you cannot hide communications under it.

To determine the level of a stretch ceiling, using the cord, you need to mark the perimeter of the apartment. Applying the baguette to the mark on the wall using a punch, drill a hole.

Screw the self -tapping screw, inserting the dowel into the hole. Fix the baguette after six to seven centimeters. The baguette is installed on each other.

The end of the baguette is washed down at an angle, so that it is the most dense. When you fix the baguette around the perimeter, be sure to look at the mounts, if necessary, tighten it.

To determine the ceiling level, it is necessary to pull the thread along the lower edge of the baguettes that are located opposite each other. Before installing baguettes, hang lamps, cornices.

If you decide to attach them to the ceiling, then install the embedded for them. Pull the ceiling canvas, determine the middle on the wall and the middle of the fabric, which corresponds.

Then connect them. Using a construction spatula, refill the ceiling to the baguette, first at the points that you found, and then retreat after fifteen to twenty -five centimeters in both directions from these points.

Then begin to carefully refuel the fabric in the baguette, so that it is all evenly. Do this on the territory of all walls, do not touch the corners yet.

In the corners of the fabric, make cuts from the bottom up so that there are no folds and season the fabric. A feature of the ceiling made of fabric is: when cutting holes, the fabric does not break.

When you get to the devices going into the ceiling, do not be afraid to make incisions. If the remaining fabric hangs from the baguette, then you can use the knife. The residual fabric you tie in the baguette again.

Installation of suspended ceilings is completed, you need to prepare in them holes for chandeliers. Specialists for installing suspended ceilings will make everything carefully and efficiently using the necessary equipment.

You can install seamless tissue ceilings yourself. And the installation of ceilings from the film is very troublesome. If you do not hope for your own strength, then invite professionals with equipment to install a stretch ceiling.