How to restore a wooden floor with your own hands.

How does coziness begin in the house? With a good repair. And if the wallpaper falls off the walls, and the toilet is constantly flowing, it’s time to get down to business – to update your house and update your life. Of course, you have to work hard. However, it’s worth it. And it is not necessary to do European repair. The house should be comfortable, comfortable and reflect the individuality of its residents. The main thing is that the repair should be of high quality. This does not mean that it is imperative to invite a designer and hire a team of masters. It is enough to show a little imagination, patience and make apartments repair with your own hands. Of course, you can not do without the help of specialists and they can be involved in specific types of work. But if the apartment has a wooden floor, then it is still better to take on its update yourself. After all, it is he who creates the basis for the interior, which will be relevant both after 10 and 20 years. If the old floor is worn out, do not rush to throw it away. Wood is a wonderful natural material, which over time becomes better and if you make an effort, enrich the design of the interior of apartments. To do this type of work yourself is not only profitable and economical, but also interesting. After all, each floorboat can tell its own story, leaving deeper. To get started, the wooden floor is cycress in order to clean the floor from the old paint. If you need to align the irregularities of the floor, it needs to be tied. Wet wood is easier to process, so the floor must be moistened before starting work. If individual planes of parquet or boards have worn out, they are better to replace them with new. Cyclovence and strictness are produced along wood fibers. You need to cycle 2-3 times, the last time must be made on the dry floor, since after the primary damp cyclovis there is a lot of piles. At the final stage, the wooden floors must be sanded and cleaned thoroughly. Now proceed to the coating. Lacu is the most preferred coating for wooden floors. You can also use mastic. In the event that parquet or floorboard was repeatedly painted during operation, it is better to choose a tinting base that will help hide the flaws of wood. It is necessary to start applying the coating from the far end of the room, gradually moving to the door and carefully shaking the varnish, tone or mastic so that swims do not form. The purified wood absorbs the coating well, so it is recommended to cover the floor in 2-3 layers. Now on work and reward. After all, walking barefoot on a warm wooden floor is so nice.