Ways of effective breeding rabbits at home, at the cottage and on an industrial scale

It is no secret that rabbit growing can have different goals: breeding for the sake of getting meat or as beloved pets. In any case, rabbit breeding requires certain efforts from the owner. Before you get rabbits, you need to familiarize yourself with the theoretical part: how to properly care for animals, than to feed, how to drink, and in which you maintain. It is worth noting that rabbits can be carried out in several most popular and verified methods.

Of course, the ideal option for rabbits is free conditions. The owner, of course, is easier to monitor animals when they are in cells. But it is more comfortable for rabbits to be in space that is not limited to gratings. Therefore, if the conditions allow, it is worth providing its pets with the most comfortable conditions of existence.

In the aviary

In order to build an aviary, you do not need to have engineering education, since its design is quite simple. By the way, and financially, this method is less expensive compared to multi -tiered cells. Therefore, many rabbit breeders choose the voluntary type of animal content.

So, in order to make an aviary, you need to choose a suitable place and protect it with a special net (preferably metal). The height of the fence should not exceed one and a half meters. In this case, the lower part of the grid should be securely fixed, dug it into the ground. It is worth taking care of protecting the place of residence of rabbits from bad weather conditions. This can be done using large -scale boxes with insulated walls and used waterproof materials. Note that the number of shelters should exceed the number of animals themselves. Separately, it is worth building shelters for sucrine females.

Pay attention to the fact that the simplicity in the arrangement of the aviary is, in fact, the only plus of this method of arranging space for rabbits. After all, to carry out full -fledged care for animals, to carry out therapeutic procedures will be quite difficult due to the risk of infection of the entire livestock.

Passed option

If there is enough space on your site, then you can organize a whole pasture for rabbits. For this, it is necessary to sow the space with a grass mixture, which is ideal for these animals. The site should be divided into two sectors. Rabbits will live in one, and grass will grow in the second.

To breed rabbits in this way more economically due to the fact that the costs of acquiring animal feed are reduced, which eat fresh grass for a rather long period. There is also a time that needs to be spent on caring for rabbits. But, despite this, this method has disadvantages similar to the use of the aviary.

Breeding rabbits in pits

This method is ideal for people who breed rabbits exclusively with the a result of obtaining delicious meat as a result. This method does not require large financial and time costs. But pay attention to the fact that if you plan to get not only food, but also a beautiful skin, this method will not work at all.

So, the pit must be dug in the place where groundwater is guaranteed to be at a sufficient depth. The depth of the pit should not be less than one meter. It is necessary to completely waln down the floor and walls. It is worth considering the roof well. But the floor is better to make mesh or, as an option, rack. This will provide an opportunity to maintain a hole in a more suitable state for animal life.

Rabbits in the pit are very popular among experienced rabbits. This method can be called economical, since it allows you to contain the maximum number of rabbits on the minimum space in its territory. In addition, in such conditions, rabbits are quite active and fruitfully multiplying, they are much less likely to get sick. But there are also disadvantages of such a method that consist in that it is almost impossible to control their propagation. In addition, rabbits in the pit of the rabbits very quickly.

Methods of content in cells

Quite often, rabbit breeders combine animals in cells with a aviary option. This method is great for those people who have their own sites. To do this, make the appropriate cells and place them on the street in a place, with the ideal conditions for this. Experienced rabbits prefer to use shed for such purposes. And in the summer animals are produced in aviaries.


Set the cells on the street is very simple, but not always reasonable. Since weather conditions can greatly ruin the comfortable existence of animals. In this regard, it is recommended to use rinses – a design with a durable frame, which consists of two rows of cells and roof. In this case, the ends of the rushes are closed.

In such a house, rabbits will be much more comfortable than in ordinary cells. Even in winter, they will feel safe from weather conditions. In addition, siza is much easier and more convenient to clean. It is worth paying attention to the fact that rumors are not used on large -scale farms. But they are ideal for medium -sized farms.

Zolotukhin method: the main features of the content of rabbits

Zolotukhin developed the type of cells, which over time began to consider one of the most effective options for animals in a closed room. From ordinary cells, the Golotukhin method is characterized by a number of features that must be carefully studied in order to get the desired result in the end.

So, firstly, according to the author, you should not arrange a uterine for a rabbit. Instead, you just need to protect one of the corners with boards, and the nest of the rabbit is able to equip. Pallets within the framework of this method are also not provided for. But instead, it is necessary to create a narrow strip of mesh -type flooring in the rear wall.

It is also worth noting that in order to protect the lower tiers of the cell from the emerging waste of life of the inhabitants of the upper tiers, the back wall must be set to include. This method is actively used by modern rabbits. But, despite the fact that the method of Zolotukhin is tested by practice and time, many people still prefer some other types.

Mikhailov’s method arrangement

The so-called mini-farm method, invented by the Rabbit Mikhailov, is quite popular, both at the amateur level and in the framework of industrial production. What is the main secret of this method? At the beginning, it is worth noting that the care of rabbits is absolutely automated according to this system. Water and food are updated when bunker drinkers and feeders are empty.

The waste is eliminated from the cells through the lattice floor, then falling into the pitched mines, which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. In addition, the cell structure provides constant heating of the uterus and water in the drinkers. It is almost impossible to overestimate the importance of heating, since in such conditions the death of rabbits can be avoided in frosty periods.

All of these methods have both their pros and cons of. You just have to choose the most suitable option. By the way, this choice should be made according to two main criteria: the features of the site and financial capabilities. But, choosing a method, you should also think about the comfort of future pets. Regardless of whether you make them for the soul or for meat, animals should be in comfortable living conditions.