Continuous carnival in the country Trinidad and Tobago

The ancestor of the carnival, the music of Calipso and the Limbo dance, the country of Trinidad and Tobago, thanks to the incredible mixture of cultures, is distinguished by a pronounced cosmopolitan atmosphere.   The favorite pastime of the local population is disputes for the sake of disputes and a cricket play, and thanks to significant supply of gas and oil, Trinidad and Tobago can be calculated one of the richest in the Caribbean basin.

Attractions Trinidad and Tobago

The city of Port-Offe Prens has a variety of attractions, where the bazaars are located under skyscrapers, and mosques are adjacent to Catholic cathedrals. Tourists here have the opportunity to visit a modern trading area on Frederick Street, Botanical Garden, Red House-the residence of the government, the National Museum and the Picture Gallery, the Trinity Cathedral, constructed in the 19th century. The capital of Tobago, Scarborough, is known for the fort of King George, built in 1777, the Tobago Museum and the ancient colonial mansions belonging to the English nobility.

Also on Tobago, tourists can visit ancient sugar plantations, explore the PIGEON PEAK reserve, get acquainted with the natives of the island in the picturesque villages of Mesopotamia (Mesopotamia), Goldsboro (Goldsborough), Castara and Parlutuer (Parlatuvier). Roxborough colonial town has several cool beaches on the shores of a delightful bay.

National cuisine Trinidad and Tobago

The culinary traditions of the islands of Trinidad and Tobago combine the influence of Africa, Asia, India, and Europe. One of the most popular dishes is called Roti and is a flat cake with beef, chicken, lamb and fried vegetables. It is supplied with potatoes or peas.   Other dishes: Sans COCHE – stewed pork with ticks, calloo – Tarot mashed potatoes with pork bacon. The drink that the country of Trinidad and Tobago of its guests treats is rum.

Weather for Trinidad and Tobago

Located on the subequatorial belt, the country of Trinidad and Tobago has a hot and humid climate. The difference in night and daily temperatures is significant: up to 35 degrees during the day, at night up to 22 degrees, but seasonal temperatures do not vary particularly. More gentle heat from January to May, when the islands blown up by northeastern passes. Another positive news: the country of Trinidad and Tobago is outside the reach of hurricanes.