The country of St. Lucia is the most “air” place of the earth

Saint-Lusia is a beautiful island of volcanic origin with dense tropical forests, wavy fields and cool beaches. This is probably the most “air” place of the Earth, blowing on all sides by sea breeze. Capital Castric is located on the south side of a colorful harbor surrounded by hills.

Sentorrings of St. Lusia

The main port and the most beautiful city of Saint Lucia, Castries, offers many entertainment with which the country of St. Lucia attracts the attention of the tourist fraternity, and its main attraction is the Catholic cathedral dated to the 19th century. The entrance to the harbor of the port is protected by Fortorne, which offers a panoramic overview of the city and its surrounding area.

Another interesting city in the island is Gro-Il, which is known for its masquerade street processions. The National Park of Landmark (Landmark), which is also called the “Golubny Island” is located. A real isolated paradise is Marigot Bay, where three large banana plantations are located.

The most famous natural attraction of the island are the extinct volcanoes of Pitonia (Pitonii), which rise 798 meters above sea level. At their foot, the city of Kazastr was sheltered-a typical West Indian settlement-a cluster of colorful buildings with arcades against the backdrop of mysterious jungle. The country of St. Lucia is rich in sulfur springs, especially in the Botanical Garden of Diamant. The most popular beach, Anse la Sable, offers magnificent conditions for visurfing, however, like the beaches of Cas En Bas (Cas En Bas) and the first?.

National cuisine of St. Lucia

Circularity of the island of St. Lucia combines French and African culture. It is based on local products and marine inhabitants caught, generously seasoned and prepared in clay pots on coals. Favorite dishes are: Calloloo – hot meat of crabs, Pouile Dudon – a dish of chicken meat, sweet and spicy, fish soup and bananas prepared in various ways, salted fish with green figs. The country of St. Lucia is not original in choosing a national drink. Rum is served everywhere, different consistency and in various versions.

Weather on St. Lucia

The country of St. Lucia is distinguished by magnificent weather and a comfortable year-round water temperature off the coast (plus 24-26 degrees). In winter, the thermometer shows about a plus of 24 degrees, and in the summer – no more than 30. Possible rains are possible on the island, especially at the end of the day, but they are short -term and not cold.