Lining linoleum. Continuation

During the laying process, the conditions of laying are not the last place. So, the optimal temperature regime is at least eighteen degrees, the humidity should be about 60%. Moreover, it is desirable that this regime be observed within two days before and so many after laying linoleum.

Mark and cut the canvas starting from the size of the room. Keep in mind that to measure only one wall is a huge mistake, since cases when a parallel wall is longer or shorter than the measured is very frequent. Thus, you just ruin a whole sheet. The next important point is to lay several sheets on marking. In this case, carefully monitor the coincidence of the pattern on the sheets. Cut the stripes must be lie down for at least two days, this will allow it to be moving.

Then you need to leve the base again, and only then start gluing. You can purchase glue in the same place where you bought linoleum. Moreover, the brand of glue should strictly correspond to the parameters of linoleum. Having applied glue, you need to immediately lay linoleum, for this it is worth rolling it starting from the center to the edges.

To lay several paintings, you will need cold welding of the seams of which the color of which should either correspond to linoleum or be completely transparent. Welding you just need to fill the seams between the sheets.

In its view, this technique resembles embroidery or minting for metal, this technique can decorate almost everything (tables, chairs, mirrors, frames for photos, cutting boards, caskets), it’s easier to say any surfaces that you would like to fix or simply decorate, and on the processing of which you have enough patience and strength. To perform the technology of the Pointt-Tu-Paint you will need such special tools:

• acrylic contours having an undeniable quality, homogeneous consistency, suitable density of paint and a comfortable tube. The cost of ongo such a tube is about 30-35 UAH.,depending on the pigments present in the paint;

• Contour metal nozzles with which you can make a miniature dot, while achieving the jewelry sophistication of your creation. Such nozzles are 3 sizes in diameter (3, 5 and 8 mm);

• acrylic paints;

• Wet napkins, alcohol and cotton sticks that will help you quickly get rid of mistakes made. Only after finding all the materials you need for work should begin to practice in the Point-to-Point technique, choosing any surface for this.