Schilonsky castle – a national symbol on the shores of Lake Geneva

There is no monument in Switzerland than the Schilonian castle. He became a national symbol, surprising his magnificent beauty, the harmony of forms, visual strength and stability.

Location. Located on the picturesque coast of Lake Geneva, in Veytaux, next to Montre, one of the most interesting Swiss cities, the Schilonian castle consists of 100 separate designs, which were built at different times, harmoniously interconnected.

Schilonian castle

Description. The history of the castle is influenced by two periods, Savoy and Bern, which left their mark on the architecture of the majestic structure. The attraction includes several halls, three areas and many rooms open today for visits. One of the oldest, the room of Domini, the once favorite room of the Duke of Savoy, is decorated with medieval wall murals. Located on a hill, the Schilonian castle offers colorful landscapes of the lake and the forests surrounding it. In the dungeons of the castle are the remains of Francois de Binaward, the abbot, whose story inspired George Byron to create a romantic poem “Schilonian Prisoner”. Tourists can come to the castle on foot, arrive by train or sail on a boat, in the summer.