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Today, landscape design, offers such a method to give sections of a perfect type as an alpine hill. Everyone heard about her, but not everyone has an idea of ​​her features and twists.

How to create a rocky climber with your own hands?

You can create an mountaineering yourself. It is important to determine the scheme of creating the landscape on your site, to have an idea of ​​the final image that will delight the eye. To do this, make sketches on paper or build a layout.

After choosing a place for building a slide, the first layer of soil is removed, since it is fertile and is useful for planting plants – the subsequent stage of creating a hill.

Then a ten -centimeter drainage of crushed stone, gravel and expanded clay is laid, acting as a foundation. It is sprinkled with sand or pebbles.

Stones fit in the center of the composition with tiers. They should have an unusual shape can be covered with moss and have a aged look.

The stones must be firmly installed, slightly deepening into the base and falling asleep with the earth, the holes between them so that there are no air traffic jams.

Having enriched the soil, removed earlier with the soil, nutrients, proceed to the next stage – planting colorful decorative plants.

Plants of most cultures and species are suitable. The main thing is that they harmonize among themselves and fit into the picture of the landscape. Various cultures of plants can be placed according to the principle of contrast.

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You need to remember about plants on your alpine slide.

On the alpine slides, the dwarf varieties of evergreen trees and shrubs (thuja, cypress, juniper, pine, etc. are mainly planted.).

They are not afraid of frost and drought. The ephedra will be an original choice, because during flowering they will give the climbinaria a unique, unique image.

As for deciduous rocks, the alpine hill is often decorated.

In conclusion, the mountaineering must be decorated with small onion flowers – Pushkinia, Hionocus, crocuses, some types of tulips and even snowdrops.

Behind the alpine hill, you need to carry out proper care: watering, plundered, feeding plants. The top of the mountaineering can decorate the fountain, giving it a finished elevated look.

At the same time, it can become a source of water for plants.

Alpine hill, of course, will give the sophistication of any summer cottage or court. Manifestation of imagination when creating it has no boundaries. The main thing is to create your own masterpiece with love.