Tourism for communist marches is the country of North Korea

The DPRK or the country of North Korea is located on the Korean Peninsula and is separated from South Korea by the demilitarized zone. Having a large number of attractions, it allows you to get acquainted with only organized excursions. Probably, this limits the freedom of choice, but, in return, tourists will be rewarded with unique experience in the communist country.

The attractions of North Korea

The capital of the DPRK, Pyongyang, was completely reconstructed after the war. It is decorated with wide streets, beautiful parks and huge public buildings made of marble. The Palace of Culture, the Bolshoi Theater, the Juche Tower, restaurant Onsgrui, the Gate of Pyongyang, the Triomphe Arca, the Morangborg Park, Taesongsan Park, are the most impressive sights of it. Many old Cesong buildings (Kaesong), surrounded by picturesque pine forests, were witnesses of imperial history of Korea.

Contains the country of North Korea and an interesting national park called Kumgangsan, and which is popular among ornithologists, photographers and botanists. Another natural attraction is Mount Myuhiansan, to which hiking through waterfalls and forests, past ancient Buddhist pagodas and colorful temples are organized. The main communist tourist object, which is very proud of the country of North Korea, is the exhibition center, which exhibits thousands of gifts received by the immortal Kim Il Sen and his son.

North Korea National cuisine

Korean national dish is Kimchi – a mixture of spicy pickled vegetables, the main ingredient of which is cabbage. This dish is prepared in large numbers in the fall, several weeks are defended in large vessels buried in the ground. The indestructible friendship with the Soviet Union, which was awarded to the country of North Korea, says the fact that Russian vodka, slightly altered for the local taste.

Weather in North Korea

Weather in North Korea is diverse and changeable. In the winter months, the thermometer column can drop to minus 20 degrees, in the spring and autumn, most often it rains, and the temperature fluctuates between the 10th and 20th degrees of heat, in the summer, warm and comfortable-up to 28 degrees of heat.