Criteria for selection of interior doors for the apartment

When making repairs in the apartment, it is very difficult to decide on the options of interior doors, because at the moment the market is simply oversaturated with various offers of both high and rather low quality. You can buy interior doors from a solid or glued massif, pay attention to laminated cellular or wooden doors veneered. Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each type in this article.

The choice of interior doors

One of the best options for the home can be called doors from a whole wooden array. Their main advantages include the fact that they are completely natural because they are made of wood, and it, in turn, durable, has high -quality frost -resistant and soundproofing characteristics, simply dispose of it, and indeed, to have such doors at home very prestigious. The disadvantages include a relatively high price and the need for regular care so that the doors do not dry out and do not deform. A glued massif doors will cost cheaper, since the door leaf in this case is assembled from several parts, and not from one whole.

Own doors are very popular and occupy a leading market position. They are made of low -quality wood or its waste. To give such doors of aesthetic species on top, an veneer is often installed from the pine. The disadvantages can be attributed to the fact that the veneer can periodically be peeled off, and the doors themselves can be deformed, however, unlike the doors from the array, the venerable are not subject to repair. You can buy interior doors from a laminate or veneer with a cellular filling. Such doors are very economical and popular for use in offices, outbuildings, and so on. They are rarely installed in apartments and houses, as they have low quality. Their main advantage is a very affordable price.