How to remove (withdraw, remove) smell of shoes

How to remove the smell of shoes if it is new?

Often, after the first wearing of new shoes, a sharp and unpleasant smell immediately appears in it. The reason for its appearance lies in the poor -quality material from which shoes are made, or severe sweating in the area. First, insoles are taken out of shoes. The entire inner surface is neatly wiped with hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate or drug containing formalin.

If the smell is persistent, the procedure is carried out several times, after each processing it is thoroughly dried. Then the insoles are replaced. Even if they are new, poor -quality material will not give the skin to “breathe”. Insoles with a coal layer will get rid of the problematic sweating of the legs, they will absorb moisture and prevent the formation of an unpleasant odor. They can become an alternative to aromatic insoles.

It is quite difficult to get the smell of shoes, so there should be two or three pairs of shoes for every season in the wardrobe. Before dressing, legs and shoes should be jumped with special deodorants against the smell. This will help to keep shoes in good condition for a long time. Shoes, boots, sandals and other shoes carefully ventilate after each campaign.

Folk home remedies for breeding smell from shoes are diverse. So many use vinegar, activated carbon, soda and even sea salt. Not in all cases they help. In addition, there is a risk of spoiling shoes. An unpleasant sharp sour smell remains from vinegar, and activated charcoal can ruin the color of the shoe.

Remove the smell of shoes helps regular drying. Constant moisture provokes the reproduction of the fungus on the inner surface of any shoes. The ultraviolet dryer will cope with this. Before any processing, shoes are washed with soap solution. The exception is products whose materials are not recommended to wet. Rough shoes – sneakers and sneakers can be scrolled in a typewriter, but only if they are made of high -quality raw materials.

If the cause of the constant appearance of smell in shoes is sweat on the feet, then antifungal drugs must be used. Even if the shoes are constantly processed, the unpleasant smell will manifest itself again. It is better to refuse before treatment of old shoes.

How to remove the smell of shoes if the cat marked it?

It often happens that cats love to mark shoes. Many throw it out, because getting rid of the pungent smell of cat urine is almost impossible. At the pharmacy you should buy a drug containing formalin. Shoe processing should not be carried out in the room. Hands should be protected gloves. Before wiping, shoes are washed in water with a small amount of detergent. After processing, the shoes are wiped dry and completely ventilated in the fresh air.

Regardless of how often shoes are used, it is recommended to wipe it with alcohol at night for two weeks after buying. In the summer, it is better to refuse home slippers. If this is not possible, they need to be washed once a week in ordinary powder solution.