New Zealand – at the southern tip of the planet

Comparable in size and form with Great Britain and Japan, the country of New Zealand has a population of about 4 million people, thereby having one of the lowest population densities in the world. This place is a paradise for tourists who are looking for both silence and tranquility and adventure. The country’s landscape is dotted with mountain ranges and volcanoes, beaches and modern megalopolises, fjords and magnificent tropical forests. Most cities are located on the North Island, the Southern Island has huge wild spaces and secluded beaches where you can hide from the hustle and bustle and crowds, and the island of Stewart is the uninhabited corner of New Zealand.

The sights of New Zealand

The highest mountain of New Zealand is considered Aoraki Mount Cook, which attracts climbers with its snowy peaks and the Auraki National Park. From here regular tours are organized on the Tasman Glacier, Hoker Glacier, Glacier of Murchison Mount (Murchison Mount) and Mount Dampier (Dampier). The main entertainment of this place are flights on a helicopter and airplane, fishing, skiing on mountain bicycles, ecological tourism.

The country of New Zealand has several magnificent national parks. Tongaririro National Park was presented to Queen Victoria leader Maori Huheu Tukhino fourth in 1887. The large territory of the park is occupied by Volcanoes Tangariro, NGAURUE (NGAURUHOE) and Ruapehu, which spectacularly broke out in 1995, 1996. In some places, the park, due to lava, resembles a lunar landscape. Fiordland National Park was formed in 1952 and is the largest in the New Zealand Islands. It consists of glaciers, forests, mountains and waterfalls, water from which goes into the ocean.

National cuisine of New Zealand

Probably the most popular dish that is the country of New Zealand is mint sauce with potatoes and pumpkin, and to afternoon tea, most often, various pastries and cookies are served. Maori’s most famous culinary tradition is Hangi, when in a friendly and slightly solemn setting, on the heat of thermal springs, meat with vegetables is prepared. Vacationers in the resorts of the Northern Island can be treated to these delicious and nutritional dishes.

Weather in New Zealand

Annual temperature fluctuations on New Zealand Islands are very small. This means that the country of New Zealand is convenient for tourism throughout the year. The maximum temperatures in the summer reach 22-23 degrees, and the minimum-13-14. There is almost no snow in the winter, except at the tops of the volcanoes. The climate of the Southern Island is more severe. Here, temperatures fall to 10 degrees, and strong winds are over almost all seasons.