DIY screw foundation pile

During the construction of the house, the correct choice and installation of the foundation is very important. Quite often, construction has to be carried out on a area with a limited area, and standard foundations do not inspire much trust in. Even the usual strip foundation requires a lot of time, funds, places for materials, suitable weather, etc. D. And if the plot is on the slope, and even the soil is problematic. The choice is not easy.

If you still chose a strip foundation, then three weeks after its filling you need to put the house itself. Otherwise, in the winter, such a nuisance as bulging and all the work will go down the Nashmark may occur.

And not consider another option? For example, the foundation on screw stilts. With its help, many issues are resolved. Perhaps the most important is the seasonal movement of the soil. When using such a foundation, all the problems associated with the soil can be forgotten completely. There is only this, in some cases, such a foundation is the only way that can be applied.

There is a special blade on the bottom of the screw pile, with which screwing to the required depth is carried out. After installing the pile, this blade, being below the freezing zone, acts as an anchor, and does not allow it to pull it out of the soil.

The range of screw piles allows you to choose the right size as for the foundation for the construction of a fence, a large house and even a cottage. Seta installation can be carried out year -round in any weather.

The stress on the foundation is calculated in accordance with the design of the structure. In this case, it is determined how long and what diameter of the piles will be used. Their number and distance at which they will be installed are also calculated. One pile is able to carry a load of 2 tons (during the construction of a wooden fence), up to 18 tons (during the construction of a heavy structure). This is achieved due to the diameter of the pile and its blades.

The construction of a pile-screw foundation does not require the use of heavy equipment and can be carried out even by hand. During the installation process, the site is not clogged, plantations are not damaged, there is no noise and discontent of the neighbors. Installation time one day.

Rifle piles installed in the ground are aligned and pulled together with a channel. Thus, the site is mounted on which it is possible to assemble the structure. From an economic point of view, the construction of this type of foundation is much cheaper than similar in the load of classic options. The cost difference in some cases is up to 50%. As for the durability of the screw piles, when they are pre -processing with a special composition, they will serve for more than 200 years. Without processing – “total” 150 years.