Country Bahrain and its sights

The name of the country Bahrain received from the Arabic language and translated like two seas. As proven by many scientists, this name occurred due to the fact that the Persian Gulf is located in this city, two currents run in it, one with fresh water, and the other with salt water. Currently, Bahrain was relevant in the ancient civilization of the East, and call him a paradise garden. Also, a biblical garden called “Eden” was located here earlier.   Today, the city of Bahrain is like a desert, because there is also a bright sun, there is a warm sea nearby and a lot of diverse Arab architecture is located.   And the entire coast is a large beach on which there are many different resort complexes. Tourism develops in this country very quickly, due to the state program.   If you go on a trip to this country, then there you can see a lot of interesting things.

Visit the sea club called al-Bander, located in Manam. Also, the sea club is a huge resort, this resort is located south of the island of City. There is also a hotel complex in which there are thirty -six rooms. In addition, you can visit several different restaurants there, they prepare Chinese, eastern, local, Thai, Persian, food. There you can swim in two pools, and your children will be very interesting to play with other children on the playground, not far from the sea club is a pier. Manama Temple Barbar Mosque al-Fatek  

If you visit the south side of the island, then there there will also be many different entertainments and attractions. There you can ride various cars, hire a nanny for your children, correct your health with the help of salty baths, go to the fitness center or work out in sports in the fresh air, you can also sign various large transactions.   Another attraction in the city of Manam is the Barbar Temple. This name is one for all three temples. This temple is ten kilometers from the west of Manama. Here is ancient architectural structures, ancient artifacts, clay cups, many different copper products, various animal bones. These all attractions are very often visited by tourists and residents of this city.   You can also visit Al-Fatekh Mosque or in another way it is called the Cathedral Mosque. And next to this mosque is the royal palace, it is the largest in the whole city. Seven thousand people can accommodate in his prayer room at a time.