Wallpaper classification: Advantages and disadvantages

Wallpaper has been used for wall decoration for a very long time. But, despite this, at the moment they have not lost their popularity. On the contrary, new types of wallpaper were created, more durable and having a good appearance. In this article, we will consider what types of wallpaper are, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

The most commonly used type is paper wallpaper. Their main advantage is a relatively small cost. Also, among the advantages of this type of wall covering, it is worth highlighting simplicity in installation. The main drawback of this type of wallpaper is their low strength. So, paper wallpapers are very susceptible to various environmental factors. For example, paper wallpapers do not tolerate increased humidity in the room.

Also, during repair work, vinyl wallpaper is often used. In the manufacture of this type of coating on a layer of paper, polyvinyl is applied, which gives vinyl wallpaper additional strength and excellent appearance. Among the shortcomings of this type of wallpaper, it is worth noting their large mass, which complicates the installation process, and can also contribute to the wrapping of wallpaper from the wall.