The central stop on the Great Silk Road is the country of Uzbekistan

Among the states located on the ancient Silk Road, the country of Uzbekistan is a real Islamic architectural pearl, with amazing marble ornaments, turquoise domes, minarets, relics of the era, when Central Asia was the center of the universe. Here you can see excellent examples of ancient architecture in Khiva, take a walk along the winding streets of the historical center of Bukhara and Samarkand, called “Rome of the East”.

The sights of Uzbekistan

The 1966 earthquake destroyed most of the ancient Tashkent, but re -built, the city flaunts wide boulevards, laidy trees, modern buildings in the oriental style, and picturesque parks. Of the historical attractions, the Madrases of Kukeldash (Kukeldash) and the Mausoleum of the Kaffali-SHASH remained, built in the 16th century. Three madrassas built in the 15-17th centuries dominate on Registan in Samarkand, and the Bibi Khanym mosque is evidence of the love of the great Timur for his wife. Gur-Emir is buried here, as evidenced by a huge stone-the largest whole piece of jade in the world.

The city of Bukhara is located to the west of Samarkand – the former center of education of the Islamic world. It has more than 350 mosques and 100 religious colleges. His other attractions are: the complex of the Palaces of Shahristan, the Emir Zindan (Zindan) prison, Kalyan Minaret, Madrese Ulug-Bag and Madres Abdul Aziz (Abdul Aziz). Not only architectural objects are glorious country of Uzbekistan. Here you can visit the exciting Chatkal reserve, where white tigers, bears and golden eagles live, you can master the highest peak of the world, the peak of Victory, or explore the deepest caves of Asia, in the Boi-Bulok).  

National cuisine of Uzbekistan

Uzbek cuisine uses a lot of spices: cumin, coriander and spicy pepper. Without a doubt, the country of Uzbekistan, most of all, loves and most often prepares pilaf made of rice with meat, cotton oil, with spices, garlic and quince. Other national dishes are: Lagman – home noodles with lamb, garlic, vegetables, dighman – meat soup, Dymlama – stew with beef.

Weather in Uzbekistan

The hottest month in Uzbekistan is July (35-40 degrees), and the coldest January (0-5 degrees). It has a country of Uzbekistan and extensive desert territories, which are characterized by strong heat (up to 45 degrees) – in summer and strong colds (up to minus 25 degrees) – in winter.