Hungary – the city of Budapest

Hungary is one of the countries of Central Europe, which is adjacent to states such as Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Austria, Croatia, Serbia and Slovenia. The capital of Hungary is the city of Budapest, which is located on the banks of the Dunai River. There are many thermal sources in his environs. Thanks to which Budapest is not only the center of life of the country, but also an important resort.

Despite the fact that the country does not have access to the sea, there are all conditions for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. Plus, Hungary is rich in attractions, which makes it one of the most visited countries in Europe.

Castle Buda Castle Buda, or Budai fortress, is located on the same hill. In the Middle Ages there was a residence of the Hungarian kings, and later – Austrian emperors. During the Second World War, it was turned into ruins. When the war ended, restoration work began. The final recovery of the castle ended in 1980 of the last century.

The Church of St. Matyash from the Square of the Holy Trinity usually begins all excursions along Budapest. In the center of the square is the Holy Trinity Monument. He was put in memory of the victims of the plague of the 18th century. On the square there is a church of St. Matyash, in the walls of which marriages were made and the Hungarian rulers found eternal peace. There is a fishing bastion next to him. Having risen to one of its observation platforms, you can admire the views of Pesht and Danube.

The highlight of the Basilica of St. Istwan is that it is in storage of the relics of the royal hand, as well as a huge bell weighing 9 tons.

Mount Gellert should also visit Mount Gellert, named after the famous Bishop Gellert, who baptized the pagans-Hungors in Christians. The pagans were against the new faith and decided to show their protest in an unusual way. They put the bishop in a barrel, broken from the inside with nails, and let her go from the mountain. In memory of this event, the mountain received the name Gellert, and later at its top they erected a monument to Bishop Gellert, who blesses the city with a cross in his hands.

Margit Island in Budapest has its own island called Margit. It is located in the very center of the city – on the Danube. The island is recognized as a natural reserve. On its territory there are several sources of healing water. Its healing properties can be tested on yourself in the balneological center. Also, guests of the island can take a walk around the Varoshelig Park or relax on the Palatinus beach.